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Demand Printing Solutions permanently closed on October 31, 2018. Effective November 1, 2018, Print Express, LLC entered into an agreement to purchase the intellectual property including customer lists and historical customer data from Demand Printing Solutions. Print Express, LLC did not purchase the legal entity, equipment, building or debt service.

Print Express, LLC is providing the same services to clients of Demand Printing.

Please explore our website or contact us at 505-888-3500 today. We look forward to working with you!

Here’s an idea!

Why shop at different stores when you can shop at one?

At Print Express, we have the capability to accommodate all of your digital, variable, and offset printing needs, and we offer a complete range of products for all of your business and personal use. You’ll be surprised at the wide variety of products we provide for our clients and we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop. Why? Because we realized we control the end result only if we do it. First, we begin with design, then move to printing, and then to mailing if needed. But don’t worry! We didn’t forget promotional items, like pens and magnets. Those are an important part of any business.

Best of all, we are a “green” printer, and we utilize soy based inks, and responsible business practices to reduce waste. In addition, our experienced staff is equipped to provide a rapid service, while maintaining superior quality. Whether you already have an idea of what you want or are in need of our graphic design team’s expertise, we are more than happy to assist. Basically, if you can dream of the product, we can provide it. Simple and standard to complicated and custom, we have you covered.

Here are some of the products and services we offer:

Shop Local

Shopping local means you support the local economy. Shopping at a locally owned, independent store brings $68 back to the community out of every $100 you spend. On the other hand, shopping at a national chain only brings back $43.* Although online stores are convenient, it doesn’t add anything to the local economy. When you support a local store you support your community.

*Source: Civic Economics – Andersonville Study of Retail Economics.